Coaching League Fixtures 23rd-24th June 2017

Updated: June 17, 2017
CL 9th June 2017 June 09, 2017 201500

Please find below Coaching League Fixtures 23rd-24th June 2017


  • Reminder that only Astro Runners, moulded blades, moulded studs to be worn (NO Steel Studs)
  • Shin Guards must be worn
  • No Glasses only Sports goggles to be worn by players
  • Subs to remain outside fence
  • Ensure gates are closed during matches
  • No Photography or Videoing of the games is allowed
  • NO Smoking in or around the games.
  • No Vaping or E Cigarettes
  • Under 10s please insure you pay the fees due to the MDL on the day of the Game
  • Failure to field will result in fines
  • Late cancellations will also result in fines.
  • Only coaches allowed in the cages.
  • No Spectators allowed on Fifa One Astro , they ,must stay on the Concrete surrounds.
  • Score of Games are not recorded and must not be displayed on the web in any way.


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