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CL Fixtures May 06, 2017 140150

Coaching League Fixtures 26th and 27th of May 2017

Please find below Coaching League fixtures for the 26th and 27th of May 2017.


This week Friday night each under 10 game will be played on the Fifa one Astro pitch.  Fees are still payed directly to the MDL Grounds for this.

Spectators of under 10 games are not allowed on the Astro Turf and must stay either behind the rope on the tarmac to the sides or on the path behind the goals.


  • Reminder that only Astro Runners, moulded blades, moulded studs to be worn (NO Steel Studs)
  • Shin Guards must be worn
  • No Glasses only Sports goggles to be worn by players
  • Subs to remain outside fence
  • Ensure gates are closed during matches
  • No Photography or Videoing of the games is allowed
  • NO Smoking in or around the games.
  • No Vaping or E Cigarettes
  • Under 10s please insure you pay the fees due to the MDL on the day of the Game
  • Failure to field will result in fines
  • Late cancellations will aslo result in fines.
  • Only coaches allowed in the cages.
  • No Spectators allowed on Fifa One Astro.

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