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Fixtures April 09, 2022 01

Credit Union Coaching Leagues Week 4 – 22nd-23rd April 2022

Please find below Credit Union Plus Coaching League Fixtures Week 4 for the 22nd and 23rd of April 2022. These are 2Weekedns away as we are off Easter.

Whilst every week, we raise points to note some incidents from this week that we must address

A parent at one game refused to stop smoking and felt two steps from the cage was acceptable. THERE IS NO SMOKING near the Children.
Please be on time. It’s not fair to everyone if teams are late.
In St Pats, parents ARE NOT PERMITTED on the Astro and must remain outside the fences. Three Parents refused to say outside despite being asked. Next time the club will be fined €100 per supporter.
Disabled Parking n the MDL is for people that have disabled permits only and NOT for commercial vehicles or people who don’t need them.


  • Only Moulded blades, Moulded studs or Astro Boots to be worn (NO STEEL STUDS)
  • Shin Guards must be worn
  • No Glasses, only Sports goggles to be worn by players
  • A maximum of three subs in the cages.
  • All kit bags and equipment to be left outside the cages
  • Ensure gates are closed during matches
  • No Photography or Videoing of the games is allowed
  • NO Smoking in or around the games.
  • No Vaping or E-Cigarettes
  • Failure to field will result in fines
  • Late cancellations will also result in fines
  • Only Garda Vetted Coaches allowed in the cages
  • No Spectators are allowed on Fifa One Astro. They must stay on the Concrete surrounds
  • Also, please ask everyone to reverse park on the grounds
  • The score of Games are not recorded and must not be displayed on the web in any way
Author: Jonathan
I'm the Leagues PRO. You will often meet me Pitchside with my camera getting photos for our site and social networks.

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