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Formation Meeting 2020

Please find attached some notes and details that may be of benefit to everyone from last night.

Firstly thanks very much to Jigsaw Meath for attending to discuss one good coach with us last night and to Barry Ferguson from the FAI and Simon Walsh from the SFAI for taking time out to attend our meeting.

One Good Coach

The impact we as adults can have on children is immense and as volunteers, many of the children will look up to their Coaches and managers.  As such, we have had great success as a community with the one good coach program and will extend it next year.

Any clubs that send their coaches to the training will receive a rebait.  But Money should not be our only motivation if we can positively affect the lives of the children in our care; it really can make a difference.

Bellow are two Youtube video on the effects a Teacher had on Ian Wright. It just demonstrates what impact role models can have on us all.





Fai net is the only way you can register players and is mandatory for all clubs. Our refresher course is next Tuesday, and you must book a place.  Failure to register your team correctly will mean they lose points.  Original email on Coarse attached.



Player ID Cards

All teams from u12 up must have ID cards so in theory only this years U12 now need cards.  Your best option si to Email Fintan Cooper who creates our cards.  Details bellow


087 904 2231


Coaching Leagues and Competitive Leagues

Please find attached a spreadsheet containing Coaching and Competitive Leagues fro 2020 any issues please let me know by tomorrow as I would like to get the Coaching Leagues put to bed this week.


All Teams 2020


St Pats.

As mentioned by Kieran St Pats now have a requirement that you need to sign a disclaimer and give Gardai Vetting to for all coaches.  This hasbeen sent to all clubs

Garda Vetting

This has been a legal requirement for some time now no vetting no games.

Parent and Coach Behaviour

We want to remind you in every part of the NECSL that the players are children and as such we expect the adults pitchside to behave as responsible well behaved adults.  For coaching leagues, in particular, this is not the world cup; this is the children’s chances to learn and enjoy the game.


Annual Leave

All requests for leave must be logged on our leave system 14 days before requiring the leave


Your logins from last year will work I will have the teams migrated shortly.



Summer Break will be the last week of July and first three weeks of August.  Coaching Leagues will not play for during any Bank Holiday.

Fees and Fines

Fees remain the same as last year. Once your invoice is issued from the system, you must pay a 10% deposit with the remainder due by the end of April 2020.

Fines also remain the same as last year.  All fines must be paid within 14 days.  All late fines will be subject to late fees.

Both of the above can be paid by paid online using the link in the invoices or by sending Cheques for the attention of Jonathan to the MDL or by EFT.

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