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Last Week of Coaching League Fixtures 2018 19th-20th October 2018

Please find below Coaching League Fixtures for the 19th and 20th of October 2018 in the MDL Grounds.


As this is the last week there will be a small goody bag for every child in the NECSL office at the end of their games next week.  Please make your way up to the office at the end of the games to collect them.  Also please do not eat the contents of the goody bag on any of the pitches it will ruin the Astro.


I have to say despite all the changes it has been a pleasure dealing with you all this year and I thank you for your help when it was needed.  Looking forward to the break and welcoming you all back in 2019 when we can do it all again.


  • A reminder that only Astro Runners, moulded blades, moulded studs to be worn (NO Steel Studs)
  • Shin Guards must be worn
  • No Glasses only Sports goggles to be worn by players
  • Subs to remain outside fence
  • Ensure gates are closed during matches
  • No Photography or Videoing of the games is allowed
  • NO Smoking in or around the games.
  • No Vaping or E-Cigarettes
  • Under 10s please ensure you pay the fees due to the MDL on the day of the Game
  • Failure to field will result in fines
  • Late cancellations will also result in fines.
  • Only coaches allowed in the cages.
  • No Spectators allowed on Fifa One Astro, they must stay on the Concrete surrounds.
  • The score of Games are not recorded and must not be displayed on the web in any way.

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I'm the Leagues PRO. You will often meet me Pitchside with my camera getting photos for our site and social networks.

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