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SFAI Competitions Calendar 2017-18

SFAI Cups                           First Round                                          16/17 September 2017

Second Round                                     7/8 October 2017

Third Round                                         28/29 October 2017

Fourth Round                                       18/19 November 2017

Round of 32                                          27/28 January 2018

Round of 16                                          17/18 February 2018

Quarter Finals                                       10/11 March 2018

Semi Finals                                           7/8 April 2018

Finals                                                     12/13 May 2018

SUBWAY Championships

Local regions can agree and set up the dates for the U/12 and U/13 group stages of the inter-League competitions but the first round of group games must take place no later than the month of December 2018.

U/15 and U/16                                                                                     30 Sep/1 October 2017

21/22 October 2017

11/12 November 2017

2/3 December 2017

16/17 December 2017


U/12 and U/13                     Group games 1st round                       Completed by December 2017

Group winners play offs                    21/22 April 2018

National Semi Finals                           5/6 May 2018

National Finals                                     19/20 May 2018



Kennedy Cup                                                                                      11th – 15th June 2018


Easter weekend                                                                                   Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April 2018



This calendar is issued to all Leagues, and the FAI for inclusion in its national calendar, all Leagues need to ensure their clubs entering the SFAI Cups are made aware of and issued with this calendar.


Leagues/clubs need to refer to this calendar firstly when planning their own trip/s or granting permission to clubs to travel etc.

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